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S8 sum card stuck

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Hello, I purchased a new Samsung S8 today from Three. Got home, and tried to install the sum card. I thought it was wrong size. But got the sum card stuck in the slot. I need to bring it to Samsung to get fixed obviously, I was wondering do any of yous know how much it would cost? Or would they be abe to fix it in store. Hoping to get it sorted somehow tomorrow. I paid for full price and not on contract. So I don't know about warranty etc. Any help would be great. Thank you.

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Hi @Manmadesmith


The phone takes a nano sized sim which sits in a specified way in the SIM card / Sd Card tray. 


It's viable you may have put the sim the wrong way round or when pushing the sim tray into situ the SIM card or Sd Card if applicable has moved during the pushing in process and wedged in. 


What's important is that this is removed carefully as not to damage the SIM card connection points inside the phone. I'm hoping they are not already. 


Manufacturing Warranty does not cover issues caused accidentally. 


If you have a Samsung Experience Store then I'd suggest to go there or go to a Samsung Service Location where I'm sure they'll assess the situation and advise accordingly. 


My personal opinion is that if they are able to retract the SIM card tray without having to open up the phone then they'll do that as a Goodwill Gesture. It maybe different if they have to open the phone up. 

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Hi @Manmadesmith! How are we doing with this one? Is the issue resolved? :robothappy:

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