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Item yet to be delivered but have received "return request" email confirmation from Samsung?

(Topic created on: 30-11-2021 06:57 PM)
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I ordered an item that was initially supposed to be delivered on the 6th December, as requested when ordering it. I then received an email from DPD to say it will be delivered on the 26th November but as no one was going to be in the house I updated the delivery back to the 6th December and received a confirmation email to say it will be delivered then. However, I checked the order a few days ago and saw it was marked as delivered, then when I checked the DPD tracking it says "your parcel is on its way back to Samsung".

I rang Samsung customer service a couple of days ago and was informed it was still booked to be delivered on the 6th December as requested but they were unsure why it was marked as delivered on the order and would have the issue looked into, but it should still arrive on the arranged date. I then received an email this morning from Samsung saying they had "received my return request" which I didn't request. I rang customer service again and was informed it was on the way back to the warehouse but they didn't know why and would have a look into it. When I asked again if my parcel would more likely arrive to me on that date she was unsure and said they will have to email me back. I am really confused as to why this has been "requested to return" when I never did such a thing and I am getting annoyed that no one seems to know what's going on. I'm hoping it will arrive on Monday but I want to make sure I will still actually receive the item, has anyone else had this issue and had it resolved or arrive? I have tried to contact DPD but the only number I have got just comes up with an automated message to say it will arrive at my new address?? I have no idea what else I can try.


@MotherOfCats: I'm sorry to hear that there is some confusion over the current status of your order. It may be the case that the item that was meant to be delivered on the 26th November has been returned, and this is showing on the system as being requested by you, as you have rescheduled for the 6th December. I understand that this may be concerning, and recommend staying in touch with the Shop Team on 0330 726 7467 to keep up to date with your orders progress.