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Confirmed: 3rd-Party Wireless Chargers have been disabled by Samsung for Galaxy S22 and Beyond

(Topic created on: 14-06-2022 06:10 AM)

I wanted to answer a hot question that has been unanswered on the Samsung Community forum for over 2 years now. Here is written proof that Samsung has, without notifying their customers or 3rd-party suppliers, that they have disabled use of 3rd-party wireless chargers for the Galaxy S22 and beyond. They have apologized and are working to correct the website. I'd suggest users show their opinion for or against this forced change. I'm not happy that my $80 wireless charger now no longer works without warning and Samsung doesn't offer a 15 W charging stand (not pad) replacement

Agent: "Make sure your charger is authentic Important: Using third-party chargers may invalidate your warranty and cause damage. If you need to replace your charger, visit Samsung does not recommend using any chargers other than Samsung chargers, especially chargers that are uncertified or counterfeit. These can hinder the charging of your device and may cause battery issues if used long term."

Me: "Again, saying "recommends" does not validate disabling my device's ability to fast wireless charge without notice to customers!"

Agent: "I apologise for any inconvenience as we can use the charger but we do not recommend as that may effect the battery life which may cause issues in future. It is never our intention for the customer to go through any inconvenience."

Me: " Can I request this to be plainly stated on the website? It is deceptive to tell developers that they can build chargers. You MUST inform your manufacturers such as Anker because it is not stated that they can't make chargers for your new devices"

Agent: "I apologize for all the inconvenience caused. We would like to inform you that there is a concerned department for handling these types of issues as these are a high priority. We will raise a ticket and provide you with the contact details of our dedicated team, and help you further with this."

Here is Samsung's current written policies that contradict this position (Samsung is working to correct the website and most of the 3rd-party chargers are now removed from Amazon actually):

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That's strange as I'm using third party chargers and I'm still getting fast wireless charging. Or that's what it says on the screen.
I know I have been using a Huawei charger and cable to plug in and that does charge quickly.
Are you inEurope?
Just wondering if this is a region specific thing.
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Hi @james7x1  I do not see anything in your post which actually states that third party chargers are disabled on the S22 series, only to paraphrase that they are strongly recommended as could be battery issues and if problems occur may invalidate warranty. Obviously some users  have encountered issues.

Whilst some commercial interest it is the case mind you that not all third party chargers are compatible and must meet the requirements of the  Samsung  Proprietary Power Delivery Extension Technology. 

Seems that @Glenntech  does not have issues.


I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.


Thank you @JAMES4578 for pointing this out. Through talking with Anker, a key supplier of 3rd-party devices for Samsung, it appears that Samsung has not communicated their drop of support for any 3rd-party devices despite this statement being their clear position.

It is possible that the 15 W wireless chargers will work, but they also may be downgraded to the standard rate by Samsung's software since they are not Samsung chargers.

My 10 W wireless charging stand by Anker was Samsung Certified for 10 W fast charging and still works with my S8. When I put my S22 on the stand, it immediately shows fast charging with a reasonable charging time estimate, but then immediately says "This charger is not compatible with this phone" despite meeting Samsung's own certification. It proceeds to charger at 800 mA, which provides a full charge at over 6 hours. Anker is helping me get a hold of their 15 W charger stand to test it.

My 3rd-party Qi3-Certified wired chargers indeed do still work for now thankfully. I'll keep the thread updated as I test a 15 W wireless charger from Anker since Samsung doesn't appear to make a 15 W stand anymore, just pads (what's the point if it is laying flat haha.)

Thank you for the info @Glenntech! I may be switching to Huawei if they have a wireless stand cause that's the only way to usefully wireless charge and use a phone at the same time. Also, I'm am in the United States.

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On Sept 10, 2022, my phone did the current update and now my 3rd party chargers won't charge as Fast Charging.  It says it when plugged in and a couple minutes later, it says can't Fast Charge so does it at Normal which takes more than 12 hours to charge when at around a 15% level.  I cleared the cache, I checked the batter charging speed in the settings and my option is "normal"  This sucks.


I have now tested Anker's 15W PowerWave II charging stand and it works. Still no reason for the 10W version not to work with the S22 except that Samsung disabled it.