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Talk Back

(Topic created on: 2 weeks ago)
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I'm Blind and have been really noticing the differences between samsung's version of talkback compared to other phones like iPhone or the Google Pixel. I love Samsung especially as a content creator but the accessibility is making me strongly consider switching to IPhone! 😢

Talkback doesn't work properly with Tiktok, Snapchat or Instagram, it's unable to identify text in videos, snaps, stories or posts. It seems a bit odd because it can't read it straight from these apps but if I screenshot then it can highlight and read it out?

My new Google pixel has an amazing feature on the camera where it gives amazing audio feedback on selfie mode telling you exactly how to hold the phone with vibrations and chimes when you're in the centre! 

Samsung seems to actually be quite far behind with image descriptions/Alt text - e.g. Voicover on IOS seems to be able to identify text and make a basic guess as to what images are which is immensely useful

And lastly I bought a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5pro when they came out and there's no way of speeding up the speech rate! It's super slow and very frustrating.

Samsung products could be even more amazing if they worked better with these apps. Young people are blind too! 🥰

Is anyone else having issues with these things? I thought maybe it was just me not having the right settings on but actually now I'm not sure
I think social media is overated
Helping Hand
Think samsungs become abit stagnant with there efforts towards the blind. Dont think accessibility is really the buzz selling word at the moment. Green and renewable seems to be thing. Leaving smaller app makers and companys to forge ahead with innovations.