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iPhone 8 no Connection to Gear fit 2

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I had same problem and I can not solve it;(
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With iPhone 6s no problems (iOS10&11). Only with iPhone8... the watch ist useless now. After reset bluetooth connection is OK, but no reconnect possible.... i have to reset again when one time the onnection is lost.
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Yes, it doesnt work. Its sooooo frustrating! Whats wrong with gf2 & iPhone8
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Yes, very good describtion of the problem. Why it is so hard to fix? After reset, everythink works fine.... if the connection isnt interrupted.

was done several times, did not help.

will return it to the shop as it is still under warranty.

interesting that the shop as well removed iOS support from device description on web page!

@MisterWonderful wrote:

Delete the Gear app from your phone then reinstall it. Then pair it 

@Flo1983 wrote:



my iPhone 8 with ios11 gets no Connection to the Gear fit2. I‘ve resettet all Settings but Nothing works. Every device has the latest updates.



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i had the same issue after upgrading to iphone 8. before with the 6s it worked like a charm. 

I also did a comparison and connected it with a workmates iphone 8. same issue. 


Its so frustrating! Please samsung hurry up with a solution! the comment about that it will not be solved before 2018 makes me think if they want me to get an Apple Watch instead...


I really liked the Gear Fit 2 for its sleak design and its great display. but I think ill also return it... 

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Hi all

I contacted the Samsung chat and the answer was to contact apple to solve the issue, so means clearly tha Samsung doesn t care about the issue and won t solve it in 2018...


Follow-up to my previous message.


After spending countless hours with customer support with both Apple and Samsung, Samsung agreed to refund the full retail price of the watch provided I dispose of it immediately... they did not want me to return it to them, they said just to get rid of it.... i'm surprised they're that uncommitted to their product. I suppose they simply don't care about selling this.


I think I got lucky because I spent far too much time arguing my problem.


I hope that anyone who reads this forum is reading this within their retail return policy. Bring this stupid watch back to the store and get yourself a regular watch or an Apple watch. Don't bother with this.

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I live in Mexico and try to get my Gear reimburse, impossible of course. I now use my first microsoft band which as 3 years and connect without any issue to IOS 11 Iphone 8. Seems incredible that Samsung can t fix this bluetooth issue...


need to say, that I contacted service center (gear in 2 years warranty) and they sent it back repaired

now everything is back in normal.

probably flashed firmware with some not publicly distributed, I don't know, but happy end for me.

you cant try the same way, good luck.

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