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Samsung Health app not showing route where I've walked on either S8 phone or Galaxy watch 46mm


Hi. First time on the forum for me. I've very recently purchased the new Samsung Galaxy watch 46mm to go with my S8 phone. I wanted to start the year by doing more exercise mainly walks. I start the walk on my watch but when I've finished, I can see no route map on Samsung Health. All the location settings/GPS are switched on. Any ideas

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Hi, im in the same boat would love to know as my gps setting is set on high accuracy, even though its counting the steps its not showing the correct route

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Mine is not working properly either. Set a walk on the health, it locates satellites,  I press start walking and location drops off leaving just the time not track or distance.  The other day when it did this it didn't count steps either.  Most frustrating.  Any help would be appreciated.  

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I've noticed in the last few weeks that routes are no longer showing up. Only general "workout areas". I use a gear fit 2 to track my workouts which sync to the health app. Up until very recently, my route was always there. No changes - GPS enabled. Seems Samsung likely changed something, and not for the better.


Same  here     all info is there  but no map 

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Hi There, same issue on my S8. Untill last software update it worked fine. Now it shows general time, map, route, but wouldnt count distance or tell you details of your training session , pace , calories etc.. Does anyone have any ideas how to get it fixed.
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