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I have the Gear S2 Classic which I want to give to my Wife.

I like the watch very much, I have read lots of reports and get different views.

My question is, as I like the S2 classic would I be better with the S3 Classic or the Fintier?

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S2 is a solid watch, have had mine now for a year with no problems, it has a great battery life and does everything and more a watch should do I have not had chance to look at a S3 yet to rate it against but get around 3-4 days on my battery even now after a year. Ask yourself what is it that the S3 has that the S2 does not have that is worth buying it? 

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I agree that the S2 is great.
I would not go for the S3 but I would like my wife to have a better smart watch.
The S2 is best for her as it seems that the S3 is rather bigger. So I thought that I might get the newer model for me rather that another S2.
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Yeah the S2 may suit a womans wrist better than a bigger watch, I had an offer the other day from samsung. for £50 off it's on the main site  and shh but use code SAMSUNGSAVE20 for over £250 and get an extra £20 off  @HarryRoy Enjoy ^^

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