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How to map a run

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Hi, I have the Samsung active2. I have used it when recording a walk but it doesn't save a map of the route. I have the location on. The I can't find any information about how to do it. What am I doing wrong? 

Thanks for the help



For share route or save as other people do with it, I think you will need an extra tracker app as Runtastic, Endomondo, Runkeeper, Strava, etc... you can download from Google 


From S-Health you will have a very complete info about your healht but only for you at the moment. 

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Hi thanks for reply.

It's not saving the route so there is route to save. It's recording other health data but not where I have been. I have location turned on for runs/walks. How do I get the watch to record the route data.

Thanks Leanne


Info is store internaly but for get data and show as a map you will need one of thoses program to save as route in an historical as I tell you yesterday


I have not that info in mine too, I do not know if in the future an upgrade could arrive as requesting from customer for add to the main program as new option


You can have a map with your position but not the route, I am thinking


Other people also can tell you with more experience that me with this device, I do not use as sport watch only for time and I have other model too.

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