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Issue with my Galaxy Buds

(Topic created on: 14-10-2019 10:33 PM)
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Hi there,


I have an issue with my Galaxy Buds.


Back in May, I bought my S10 (512GB, Blue) and it came with an offer that I can get the Galaxy Buds for free. I got that and it took a month to get it. I thought it was fair and waited. Once I got my Galaxy Buds, I had no issues whatsoever. I took care of it, cleaned it properly, I still have the original charger to it too.


However, today I experienced an issue. I was outside and placed my left buds in first (as my right hand was occupied by my phone as I had to make a call) The bud started to glitch out when I was making the call and it turned itself off. Which to me, I found odd. I ended my call and checked the Wearable app and it said it was connected and it had 100% battery. 


What I did was, I placed the bud back in it's charging case. Waited 10 seconds, then place both of them back. ONLY, this time I only heard the connected noise from my right bud, not the left. Which concerned me a lot, I tried to interact with the left bud but there was no response whatsoever but 2 seconds later, my music started to play on my right bud (I wasn't interacing with the right bud at that time, it was only with the left) and the volume started to go down a lot. I thought because of me interacting with the bud so many time and holding it, the volume went down but the response was delayed.


I have tried everything from resetting the buds to resetting my phone and even leaving it back in the charging case. It's been exactly 8 hours (at the time of this post) and it still doesn't work.


Please help me!




Samsung recommend using the Galaxy Wearable application to connect them to a compatible mobile device as your S10 and if at any time one of the headphones stops listening, check that it has a battery and reset its as well as you have commented.


After, try to desinstall APP and delete link with your mobile, after reinstall and re-join Galaxy Buds and test again.


@sarafrazh If you have not already done so, please go to a Technical Service for review. If you are in the UK, you can find the nearest repair center through this link. When you go, take them in the box with a copy of the invoice, ticket or delivery note :four-leaf-clover: