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Galaxy Watch strap discoloured

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I've had my rose gold galaxy watch since it launched in September and within 4 weeks the watch strap has discloloured and looks dirty even though it's been kept clean and well looked after. I returned it to the shop and they said they would need to send it back and wait for it to be restocked before giving me a replacement so I refused. I just wondered if anyone else has had this issue?20181229_090427.jpg


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Yes, I only recieved my watch on 28/12 and it's already going this way.  Very disappointed.  I've not been in touch yet but I don't really see the point in getting another one the same as it could go the same way.

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I didn't understand why they couldn't either get me a replacement strap or refund me £25 to purchase another strap instead of returning the full watch? I've purchased an unofficial strap from ebay. Its practically identical to the original but not discloloured.

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