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Galaxy Watch - motion/gyro stops working, only reset + hard reset fix

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46mm Galaxy watch motion/accelerometer/gyroscope stops working.  The step counter stops, wakeup gesture stops, and the little animation on the stock watch face doesn't do it's thing.

Reset using the settings menu doesn't fix

Hard reset through reboot menu doesn't fix

But!  Reset through settings + hard reset through reboot = motion/step/wakeup works again!...for a little bit


After a couple of hours it stops working again.


No other apps installed, turning on and off wakeup gesture/do not disturb (or whatever its called)/theater mode do not fix

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@Squirrelhitscar: Do you have your watch connected to a mobile device using the Wearables app? Is the device set up to auto detect workouts or are you manually activating each activity?
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I have it connected to my note 8 using the wearables app, this time around I'm trying to turn off the update features (update over wifi and turned my phones wifi off).  


The watch is currently in it's stock state running r800xxu1bsa4 without issue for 10 minutes now

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Not allowing it to update didn't work.  Motion sensor lasts for a little bit each time and then stops working.

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Trying to restart the phone without pairing it at all

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