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Galaxy Watch Sleep Tracking issues

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Samsung galaxy watch 42mm.

Sleep tracking does not seem to work. 

The last 3 nights I am recorded as having no deep sleep and less sleep than I would have thought.


I have HR tracking on always with goodnight mode and do not disturb. 


Any ideas?


Think it's a samsung software issue. Have a similar problem with sleep (and steps, and calories, and staircases, and......).

There's plenty of people complaining online about this.


Mine works fine - have you tried without the do not disturb and Goodnight mode? I appreciate that is a bit contradictory though but it may help in isolating the problem?


Also, is your watch strap secure? If i wear mine loose then sometimes the results are erratic.



So, I have the same Issue. I think it has something to do with the the HRV-Measures. What I can see is, that during the day it measures my stress-levels without problems, but during sleeping it is deactivated somehow, so no data were recorded for Stress-Level. But Stress-Level measurement is set to "always" and HR-measure too. For HR-measures I get continuous data during the night.


I will try this evening with not activating night mode. Hope it will help...


So I used now only not disturbing and airplane-mode without sleep-mode and same behaviour. So I hope, Samsung fixes this bug in the near future. Quite Disapointing... It seems, the developers don't use the watch on their own. They just code and test it inadequately...

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Do you guys know if this was solved already? Mine as working OK, but since 3 days ago it isn't recording my sleep anymore.

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I have same problem.

Sleep monitoring say that I am awake several hours every night.

Started a couple of weeks ago


Same problem for me, didnt work from the beginning on, I am thinking of returning it to the vendor, this is one of the features which i consider mandatory....

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Did this happen after the update? My watch has stopped tracking sleep since the latest update. 

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Is this happening since the latest update? That's when mine stopped working
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