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Galaxy Watch Screen Brightness Problem

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Hello!  Since the new software update earlier this week I am having a problem with my screen brightness setting which I have set at 8.  When my watch goes into AOD mode, after the 15 second screen timeout, and then when the screen goes back on again the brightness setting is down to 3.  Then I change it back to 8, the screen goes into AOD, and when the screen goes back on it is down to 3 again.  This is a time of day issue.  The screen brightness setting works right during the day, but after sunset it goes into some sort of nighttime mode and I have this problem with the setting going down to 3 and staying there, no matter what I do.  Then the next morning it works until sunset, the same over and over every single day for a week now.  Never had a problem like this before the recent software update, or on my Gear S3 for years.  I turned the watch off for a few hours, and then turned it back on, but the problem persists.  I could do a hard reset if that will work, but another Galaxy watch owner from another forum tried that and this problem persisted because it automatically downloads the new software update after reset.  Has anyone else had this problem, or know how to fix it?  I do NOT have it set to goodnight mode or do not disturb or outdoor mode or suto low brightness and use my watch well into the night so I need regular screen brightness.  Not sure what else to do, except perhaps wait for a fix if Samsung acknowledges this issue.  Thanks in advance!!!

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I have the same problem after last update on Galaxy Watch (R800XXU1BRJ4).

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Just got my watch last week.

Have the same issue. I work nights so noticed today. When AOD is switched on and its dark, on wake up the watch dimms to 3. When AOD is off then on wake up it brightness is set to whatever I've set it. In my case 8. A bit annoying. I like to flick my wrist to a bright crisp display.

Hopefully a new update will fix it 

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I have exact same problem.. 

Yup, same issue. I love how Samsung never addresses these issues in the community. Why have this forum at all then? AT least they could say if this is a new feature they put in or what.



Same problem here since the last Galaxy Watch patch.

I sent a message in the Samsung Members app.

Hope I get an answer next week.

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I'm having the same problem. 

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Same problem. Both me and my son. He has the 42mm Rose gold, a week old and I have the 46mm arrived today. Both direct from Samsung. Hopefully an update is in the pipeline

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Same problem after update. Is there any way to reroll version, because i cant stand watching watch in low brightness.

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Just bought my gear watch 3 weeks ago & I love it, however it's doing same as yours I mean exact same. I'll set my brightness to 7 then when I get a notification or something I'll look and it'll be at 3, every single time it goes from 7-3 in losing it trying to figure it out as I like to have my watch brighter then 3 especially for some faces that are darker. If you figure it out let me know and I'll do them same, I would be ecstatic if it was figured out. Lol thanks
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