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Tab A 8 Wi-Fi - SD Card Memory

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Just bought the Tab A 8" Wifi - how can I combine the SD memory and Tablet memory into one internal memory, which is what I have on my motorola phone. It's the Apps that take up the space and my old Sony's Android version and its 16gb memory was the reason why I upgraded to the Samsung. Is this simply a limitation of the Samsung version of Android?

ChrisM Moderator

We're not sure what you mean by 'combine' the memory, @IBrunton. Some of your apps can be moved to the SD card but others need to run from the Tablet's main memory and therefore can't be moved. Are you trying to save memory space on the tablet itself?

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Apparently it's called Adoptable storage -
It was introduced on the std version of Android - version 6 - Marshmallow - back in 2015. However, thinking that the Samsung adapted version of Android doesn't include this functionality
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