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Strange "light bleed" effect on S6 Tablet display

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I've just recieved my new S6 tablet, but I have just discovered a mysterious "light bleed" effect on my screen, just below the front facing camera. It is particular noticable when using night mode, and when entering the settings menu. It completely disappears when entering 3rd party apps. Notice the light bleed effect in the left side of these screen shots. Is this normal?!

Screenshot_20191018-233650_Samsung DeX home.jpg


Screenshot_20191018-233215_Samsung Internet.jpg


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So it appears to be very hard to see the "effect" when simply opening the images on another device. I called the effect light bleed, but other people calls it uneven backlight at reddit. This might also be the case, eventhough it shouldnt appear in the screenshots if it was an issue with the panel itself. 


Anyone with similar displays should be able to reproduce the error by:


*Using dark mode in Samsung browser, or Chrome dark mode, or simply open Chrome browser, and close all tabs until you get the dark background. You could also enter settings, as the background of the UI is black. 


*Go to a dark room. It is hard to notice in daylight.


*Check around the edges of the display for any slight differences in the grey/black levels. 



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