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Galaxy Tab S4 audio slightly out of sync when using streaming video apps


Let's see what happens... Thanks!

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Do you guys think it's worth it to bring the tablet to tech service?


Because Lithuanian Samsung representative told me they could not see the problem on their tablets and offered to bring it to tech service. 


Ice0cold you have a tablet that doesn't work as it should. I took mine for servicing, what other solution do I have? Wait for a software upgrade? That might never come because our issue might just be too small or affects too few tablets. 

Let's cross fingers that everything is going to go well with servicing


To all moderators, please also checked this thread :


There seems to be an issue with the audio sync of the device in multiple occasions.

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Thanks @sotis_tseles.


Same advice would apply for anyone posting in that thread too: send an error report with log files to their local software team using the Members app (if the Members app isn't available where they are, then I'd advise them to get in touch with their local Samsung Support team for further advice).


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Recent update.

I took it to a Samsung service point and they are deniyng the problem.. They say they don't see anything wrong hardware wise and that the delay is so slight that is barely noticeable by them.. I'm going to wait a couple of months and if nothing changes with a new firmware update I'm going to sell it and get a new one. Samsung honestly I'm very pissed with you and your representatives...


Any reply from an Administrator??

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Hi @sotis_tseles. We haven't heard any news from our software team on the issue. We will let you know if we do. 


Yeah I strongly discourage installing a third party rom on the Tab S4 in particular, you'd lose many features that make the device what it is: DeX, Iris Scanning, Dolby Atmos Support, Adaptive Display possibly even HDR.


Don't know about you but I'd hate to lose even one of these features

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Hello, my tablet is suffering from the very same issue. Please be informed that this is already my second tab s4. I have returned the first one hoping that only one piece was faulty. I was wrong. The problem was present even on a showcase tablet in a store. Altogether I was able to reproduce the issue on 3 devices (wifi versions only). The shop assistant confirmed the issue after I showed him the "no lag phenomenon" on my s9+. Reported the problem through samsung members Poland already two times (with logfile attached). No feedback so far. I am forced to use bt speakers for videos as the lag of roughly 200 ms completely ruins the watching experience. Just search for "audio video sync test 60 fps" on yt and see for yourself.

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