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Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 reboot loop when battery is at 25%

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My mum's tab s2 is just over a year old and has started a reboot loop since September. I clear the hidden cache and it will be okay for a couple of days but the n it plays starts rebooting again.  When it reboots the battery power can suddenly drop from 25% to 3% in a second. Does anyone have any other suggestions as I don't think it is right that I should be having to do this all the time. Also I'm concerned that it might be battery issue. Thank you.

AntS Moderator

Hi @Nja123.


Is all of the tablet's software up to date? Both firmware and all of the apps? And does it do the same reboot loop whilst in Safe Mode?


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Everything up to date but haven't tried in safe mode. It seems to happen once a week and after I clear the cached data it's okay for a week. I was just concerned it was battery as she has poor vision and has it very bright.  Will try safe mode next.  Thank you for replying.

AndrewL Moderator
@Nja123: Here are the steps to restart your tablet in Safe Mode: Turn the device off > Press and hold the Power key > Release the Power key when the Tab S2 logo appears > Press and hold the Volume Down key immediately after releasing the Power key > Continue to hold the Volume Down button until the device finishes booting.
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Tab didn't reboot in safe mode.  I'm assuming that this is pointing to an installed app issue..maybe?

CarlH Moderator

Have you tried doing this a few times, @Nja123

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No but will try it again when problem re-occurs. As I just cleared out the cache it will probably be another week before it happens.  

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Just wanted to update incase anyone else suffers with reboot loop. It turns out that my Mum was turning off the tab 2 every time she had finished with it. I asked her to stop shutting it down every time and guess what reboot loop has stopped.

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