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Additional user login for Tab A from power on

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Hi, I have just set up a new Tab A with primary account and then added a second user.

However I am unable to switch to the second user from power on, both the second user and the guest account icons are black. I have to log in as the primary account first before then I am able to switch to the other ones.


Surely there must be something I am doing wrong, otherwise what's the point in having additional users?

You want them to be able to login themselves without having the primary account user around to log in first.


Any help greatly appreicated.



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Had the same issue with our new Tab A. Spoke to Samsung on Twitter and the reply was...

"We have looked into this, and we can confirm that if you power off and on/restart your Tab, you will need to log into the admin account first to be able to access the other accounts. This is due to security reasons."

I could understand this being for an adult and child but not 2 adults wanting to share 1 tablet. Isnt this what apple does to try and get customers to have a device of their own to make more money!

Shame this is not documented anywhere before purchasing as I would have looked at other options.

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