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burn in - HDR, UHD Colour and HDMI Splitters

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Hi guys, first post here so please go easy on me!


I have a Samsung TV from the 2016 range, model number UE40KU6020K


I've got a few issues with the TV right now and I need to figure out what the best plan of action is for each.


1) the screen has burn in from Google Chrome on my computer being left on, it's the bookmarks from the browser that have burned into the top area of the screen, luckily it's really not obvious it's there until certain colours show up and it's nowhere near the plasma disasters of the past, question is can it be rectified?


2)The TV supports HDR, which definitely works for most content on the smart apps, however it only seems to work on HDMI 1 (marked HDMI STB/DVI) this also seems to have a restriction of the RGB4K setting on the PS4 pro on any hdmi other than port 1, is this by design?!


3) similar to 2, UHD colour is only available on port 1, the others are greyed out to "off"


4) if I'm stuck with only one HDR UHD colour port, which hdmi switchers are capable of this? I've got one from Amazon but it doesn't seem to be very reliable at getting a signal, which is disappointing.


Overall I like the TV and it's served me well, however I may be looking for more colour depth and higher refresh rates in the future for my PC connection (currently running an active display port adapter as my graphics card is hdmi1.4, if I got a 2.0 graphics card I could run 4K60 over HDMI which would be nice



Thanks anyone who can help with this myriad of issues, I want to have a pc, PS4 pro, Nintendo switch and Xbox 360 plugged into the TV all at the same time, realistically I might have to use port 2 for the hdmi switcher and plug in the 1080P consoles, put the PS4 in hdmi 1 and PC in hdmi 3, but either one then loses some functionality due to the port used (hdmi 3 is ARC enabled so this can be useful but still won't provide HDR or UHD colour it seems)

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@Dantoshou: Welcome aboard! I shall go easy on you, I promise

Regarding your screen burn, is it visible on all sources? If you go to Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Picture Test and follow the on screen instructions, is the issue present during the beach scene, or does any part of the test fail? For HDR, please go to Settings > Picture > Expert Settings > HDR+ Mode. As far as I know this feature shouldn't be restricted to one source.

For the SUHD models, each HDMI connection can be individually optimized for HDMI UHD Color. For the UHD models, make sure to connect to the HDMI IN 1 port of the TV. I'm not sure about HDMI switchers I'm afraid, therefore I recommend checking reputable retailers or trusted review sites to see what options are available to you.

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Thank you for the help! 


Burn in doesn't show on the beach scene but it does on the other test screens, it's not a big deal as it doesn't really show on normal TV content, ive tried burn in reduction videos but I'm not sure how much these are worth using.


HDR is solved for me now, it seems like when the hdmi is set to games console it's on, but if I set the hdmi to PC it's disabled.


UHD again is solved, it's only port 1 so I'll have to physically switch the hdmi cable or find a simple HDMI splitter/switch for the PS4 pro and PC, with the Nintendo switch and Xbox 360 in the other ports.


Thank you for your help

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