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bug in all 4 app UE32156000

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For several months I have had a problem with my all 4 app.  Everytime it gets to the adverts during play back the programme just stops playing. The only way to fix it is to exit out of the programme and then go back in and resume.  Sometimes I have to exit out of the app completely and then go back in.


Has anyone else got this problem or know how to fix it.  My firmware is upto date.



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I have exactly the same can't find anything to resolve
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This didn't work either 😕


We appreciate you taking the time to contact us and we are sorry to read that you have been experiencing issues accessing All 4 on your Samsung television. We would suggest that you ensure that you have the latest version of the app and firmware on your television. Following this we would advise that you restart the smarthub on your television.

First exit the Smart Hub (Press the Menu key on your remote control).
Go to the Smart Hub > Smart Hub Reset.
Select Reset Smart Hub and enter your PIN (default - 0000)
Wait until the Reset complete message is displayed.

If, after taking these steps you still encounter the same problems, please reply to this email with the information below, so that we can continue to investigate the issue further and find any common trends.

- Did you follow all of the above steps?
- The model and year of your Samsung TV?
- Your Internet service provider?
- What show and particular episode did you attempt to watch?
- Have you tried to access All4 at different times of the day? If so, does the problem persist?
- Do you receive an error message or code? If so, can you check again and let us know what this is?
- Do you know which advert was playing before this error occurred?

We apologise once again for the disruption to your service, and await your reply.

Thank you for taking the time to contact All 4.

Kind regards,

Noel Turner
All 4 Support

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