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Using Smart view and your phone at the same time


Hi all


Wondering if anyone can help with this one. On my galaxy s8 i connect to my tv using smart view from the pull down menu at the top of the screen. This let's me view on the tv whatever is on my phone. However, this means that I can't play about on my phone (Facebook etc) while connected without the tv following what I do. I have done it before where I have been able to use my phone seperatly while using smart view but I cannot remember how I've done this. Does anyone know, or have an advice? 



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I'm having a similar issue. I was able to play videos on my Sony android TV before the latest update but now it only let's me display my phone screen on the TV and I cant stream the content and use the phone at the same time. Also playing videos from Samsung internet app gave u a choice to either mirror the screen or cast the videos but now it only gives option to mirror only. I'm a convert from apple where playing a video via apple TV still let's you use the phone as usual without interrupting the video playback on the TV.

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