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USB Firmware update for Mac users

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Anyone know how to obtain a USB version of the Firmware for those of us who only have Macs at home/work?


Having issues with my 46" F6320 TV turning on/off repeatedly at startup and read online it's usually an automatic Firmware update that gets stuck is you connect via WiFi.



AndrewL Moderator
Hi @Adargue

The support site only appears to have the version for Windows: Upgrade File(USB type) ver 2126.0 (MULTI LANGUAGE). You can try this to see if, on the off chance, it works with your Mac, although you may wish to contact Samsung directly on 0330 726 7864 to enquire about obtaining a compatible version.
AndrewL Moderator
Sorry, here is the link to the support site:
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use the program wine, works fine for my es6100 series


Hi mate,


just use an app capable of unzipping the exe. One example of the top of my head is the unarchiver app which can be found on the mac app store.


The just copy the extracted folder to the root of your USB, plug into tele and do the update


oops, just noticed this was a necro thread, my bad



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