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UE40MU6172 not detected as wireless display in Windows 10

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Hi, I'm experiencing a problem with my UE40MU6172 TV, Windows 10 won't recognize it as a wireless display. Both Windows 10 and the TV have latest software updates (Windows 10 Home version 1709, build 1692.192; Samsung software version T-KTMDEUC-1151.1, BT-S). The TV is detected as a Bluetooth sound device and it's also listed under Other Devices under Bluetooth devices but remains invisible as a Wireless Display device. At the same time I'm able to connect to my other wireless-display enabled TVs of different brands.

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Did you manage to get this solved?

I am having the same issue with my UE55NU8009 TV?

I am unable to mirror my laptop screen (Windows 10, with Miracast enabled). When I tried via add bluetooth device (wireless display or dock), the TV is not detected. However the TV is detected only under 'everything else' option

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@OndrejTupy: Have you tried utilising the SmartView app by Samsung, as this lets you enjoy multimedia content from your mobile and PC on your Samsung Smart TV. Let me know if this was helpful.
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@AndrewL - I have downloaded the Smart View app - but the TV is not detected by the app.!

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I have noticed that your TV is a non UK model therefore you may be experiencing compatibility issues with your PC/SmartView due to software variances that exist in Samsung devices from region to region. You could try changing the TV's name to see if this makes it easier for SmartView to locate it - Settings > General > System Manager > Device Name. If there is no TV found, try again after turning both the TV and PC off and on.
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Yes - bought this TV in Germany.

Have tried to rename the TV and restart both devices (laptop and TV). However the TV does not show up in Smart View

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Same problem with my UE65NU7170 (Software version T-KTM2LDEUC-1251.0)


In windows 10, the display is found (twice) under 'everything else', but not under wireless displays. Casting from an android phone works though. Really annoying

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Yes - continue to face the same issue. 

Unfortunately have not been able to find a solution.


From Android, I am only able to cast audio (the video does not work on the screen unless it is standard apps like Youtube).


Extremely disappoiting and frustration.

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