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UE32F5000 (and probably all the other models) unable to show subtitle in .TS file

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I had bought a UE32F5000 few years ago.  According to the manual, it should be able to show subtitle in .TS file.


I found that it wasn't the case and contacted the local client service in France.  I've called them several times.  They have called me several times.  I have sent time everything they needed by email but nothing was resolved and they kept on asking.  At the end, I realized that they just didn't have the answer but kept on asking me questions to p1ss me off (yeah, that's really French!)


They were also so stupid to tell me to change the TS format to other things!  Come on!  Those TS files were made by my DVB recorder and as far as I  can tell, TS format is very common.  Did they really think I would have time to convert EVERY TS file to whatever format Samsung TV is able to handle?


So, at the end, I gave up (and they won!).


I just found that Samsung has its non-French forum and I think I have to write out my bad experience here to warn other users.


Yeah, don't trust the manual or specification.  UE32F5000 and probably all the other models are unable to display subtitles in TS files.

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Nobody cares?

Very disappointed by Samsung this big company.

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