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Strange noise 49Q7F


I have a strange noise that happens mainly whenever the screen is blank, going from scene to scene, turning the TV off or on and even when there is something on the screen, home screen displayed.


Anyone able to help or should I get an engineer to fix before it gets worse?




This sounds like a hardware issue, you will most likely need to service the TV. Claim your warranty if its not too late.

P.S. there has been a similar thread on this forum, search for "clicking" or "noise".

EDIT: This thread:




What sort of noise?


Ours has always made what sounds like a burglar alarm noise if heard from very far away.  It's not intrusive, can't be heard over normal audio, and being involved with electronics I know that sometimes equipment will make these sorts of noises.  These noises tend to be due to power supplies and power saving, which is way it comes about when the TV isn't needing much power.






The noise didn't happen from the start, and you're right you can't hear it over the sound of normal audio.

It is very annoying though and suffering from tinnitus it is something I can live without.


I'll just have to get rid of it at some point, unfortunately I live in a world of Samsung and will no doubt have to get another of their tv's.... D A M N you Samsung!

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