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Smartview nolonger works (again)

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@Endlessproblems wrote:
Maybe they should pay you haha as you're doing their job for them !

Lol,whilst myself and other volunteers provide assistance the Moderators(from Samsung) do provide valuable support.  Volunteers can be more independent though.


Hi team, 


After update the software my s7edge Smarties stopped working. Even after I've updated system software update from Samsung customer care centre it's not working, Please fix this.

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I've been having the same problem on my note 8, after 5-10 mins of screen mirroring to my tv through smart view the video stops and cuts out due to screen lock I'm presuming. I've got a quick fix to solve this problem!!!!! I recently realised that when using google maps instead of my car satnav (better traffic updates) my screen never auto locks.... so, start up Google maps, enter any destination and start the navigation, then press home screen (which automatically minimises your Gmaps to a small floating map), then screen mirror your media through smart view to your TV the way you normally would but this time leave the small floating Gmaps screen open. This way your screen never locks whist screen mirroring thus fixing the issue of the media cutting out. Your welcome 😁👍

The longer i have my s7 the worse this issue becomes . It's almost as if they're updating it to fail so I'll buy an Apple did that with my iPads.

I have the same issue too in going MENTAL!!
My device
Samsung galaxy note 8
Samsung smart tv

When I stream videos from online applications on my phone I used to play them in samsungs official video player then I would press the 3 dots on the top right and click on smart view. It would then play the video perfectly in sync (I could be wrong but my guess is that there is on the fly transcoding going on) with no issues and I get full native support from my Samsung smart TV remote. Which means I can pause play rewind etc from my Samsung remote and my mobile is actually not screen mirroring so I can minimize the Samsung video app and run other apps with my phone or make phone calls. I can also turn my smart TV volume up and down using my phones vol up and down keys.


Anyway my point is that all this functionality was LOST since Samsung did some stupid update (I don't know which) so now when I follow the same steps to play a video file it does play with samsungs video player i click on the 3 dots and click on smart view but I don't get native support also the audio and video is never in sync on my smart TV and I cant control the TV with the remote I.e. pause play rewind etc the TV says "not available" when I try do those things. Also its using screen mirroring as when I end the video file it displays my phone screen and what I'm doing on the TV. Before it never did that. So there has been some bad changes during the update. 

For now...

I found an app that works its called castify. When I try to cast to the smart TV normally it says " file not supported" but as a last resort they offer and an option called "stream by phone" and even thought it's sort of in a beta stage it actually works and gives my control from my TV remote and I can use my phone at the same time.


If anyone could please advise i would be forever grateful because playing the videos from the Samsung video app was indeed the best. 

If i could hear from a Samsung representative I would be happy to see what can be done.


Kind regards



You can reformat the videos?  takes a while but some file types just arent popular with the samsung app.  Also it doesnt seem to like 1080 or bluray anymore.  It use to handle these but I notice that since the update the phone doesnt seem to be sending as much data as it once did or that signal is being split now. Something is happening along those lines.


The app is a piece of *****...its that simple but it has access to what ever tech marvelery which upscales stuff and makes it look better etc.


I often need to rename everything to '1' and if i wish to use subs they have to be called '1' as well.

The issue is that samsung have abandoend the phone and intentionally updated it to make it slower.

Oh and Samsung simply dont care.  A samsung rep told me this to my face and he was a nice guy haha

I know this because...well they were fined for doing this along side apple but I had my phone replaced like new after 2 years and it went from being awesome to being a daily problem due to the latest version.


Its a scam and they want to make us do the same with out TVS now that they are smart which is why i no longer allow it to update.

Honestly if you saw the recent folding phone debacle you know exactly how much samsung care about their customers even those who pay over 2k or in my case 4k as i bought a tv and phone combo to avoid the exact issues i now face daily.


I also use mx player and vlc which help as last resorts or issues with audio delays.


Ultiamtley I feel this issue will just become worse and worse until we are forced to buy up again.  Little we can do beyond jailbreak and reset I guess but then you open yourself up to potentail security issues.


You cannot win and that's how they want it as that is how you make money in 2019.

repeat post


Wow I'm so disappointed to hear this.


I honestly was planning to buy the new note when it comes out but I'm having second thought. I mean im sure it's a simple thing for them to fix if they wanted to and make many more happy customers. I'm still hoping some Samsung official will read this and give us some sort of update as to when this will be sorted. We can only make more and more noise about the issue and wait for a fix. So everyone make noise and let's see how much they care. 


Thanks for your reply dude.



Also forgot to mention I'm not going to bother converting the files because I'd have to download them first which is again another time consuming process. I guess I'll have to move onto another brand if I cant get my beautiful Samsung note 8 to play videos on my beautiful Samsung smart TV properly and in sync.

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