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Samsung TV suddenly started making clicking/ ticking noise both when on and off (QLED QE55Q7F)

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I would like to share my experiences with the ticking television - nu8000 55 inch purchased in May 2018.  Started ticking around October/November.  Have had 4 visits with techs who have replaced the main board (well actually they attempted to replace it but their new board was a dud however the ticking persisted even with that board so it was ruled out) and the power board.  I was going to get a new panel this week but decided against it since others on this forum have said it is the same and I didn't want to get a new problem with a new panel (vertical banding or flashlighting) as the quality of this panel besides the ticking is quite good. Interestingly enough the tech was on the phone with a Samsung rep after the last service call and the tech said the same thing i.e. "the replacement panel will probably do the same thing"


Observations:  We were able to replicate the ticking with the back panel removed from the television.  I can also speed up the process of the ticking by increasing the backlight brightness.  On my normal brightness the ticking will last about an hour (backlight at 11) until becoming less sporadic however at backlight 50 I can get it to stop ticking in about 10 mins.  Ticking after the television off will go for about an hour.  This leads me to believe that it is thermal issue from the panel itself and not the plastic back casing.  I also believe that ambient temp and humidity play a role in the ticking as well since my television only started in the colder months.   


My TV is mounted in an open backed Ikea entertainment center with 3 and a 1/4 of clearance on each side of the unit with more on the top and bottom.  I know this because I have unmounted and removed this dang thing too many times now haha  There are a lot of compaints about this for the 55inch model and less for the larger screens.  I believe that the larger panels provide more room for heat dissipation which makes this less prevelant on the bigger televisions.  I would have gone bigger however my entertainment center wouldn't accomodate anything bigger.  


UK version of the teleivision has a new firmware release I am waiting for US update to see if that would resolve.  I have my doubts.  Just wanted to thank you all for your input as this has been driving me mad as well.  I believe a recall should be in order as this is more than likely a design flaw




well Samsungs service center (3rd party iptv) have had my tv NU8000 for 2 weeks now and i get a call telling me that it cant be repaired and they will be sending it back to me thanks for that, they also confirm that samsung are aware of the problem on theses tvs and dont have a fix in place for it yet

so i call samsung asking what they will be doing now after many calls and being sent all over the place long storey short i am now being told that there is a fix coming but they dont know when it will be and they are not willing to replace or refund my tv at all

all samsung have done if fob me off pass me from piller to post on one convo with samsung i was told all tvs make this sound and its normal my reply was what for 4 to 5 hrs at a time if that was the case then why did you send someone out to fix it if it was normal that convo stopped pretty quick and again i was passed to somone else 

i would send back to the retailer i got this from but co op electrical stopped trading in march so i am unclear on what i can do or who to turn to now i have called co op electrical today and they have taken a lot of details and are contacting samsung but i am unsure where that leaves me

any help or advise would be greatful on thi as i am now tempted to drop the tv when helping the engiereer unload from the van when it comes back and just put a claim in on my home insurance as will be a dam sight quicker 


thanks barry 

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Samsung please provide us answers - I used to feel that your televisions were the best value and provided phenominal picture quality however after this experience if will be very unlikely that I will ever purchase or recommend your sets in the future.  I do not feel that I am alone in this.  I also just saw photos of the RU8000 and noticed that they have almost the exact backing and build as the nu8000 I can only imagine that they will suffer from the same issues... 

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I have the Samsung nu8000 75 inch and for me it's an incredible Tv. I have also had the dreaded clicking but it is only now and again and with my sound bar on you can barely hear it and my other half hasn't noticed It at all but because I knew about the click issue I was more aware that it could happen 


Black levels have been great for me I did have some clouding which I was really upset about but it seems to have just disappeared on its own and setting up my dreamscreen and side kick lights I have not seen a spot of clouding again 


For the money I am very happy but I do also see what others are saying when it's a bad set it's just not on


see the below link for how loud mine is its a joke and will go on for 4 / 5 hrs easy 

and no its not me slapping one of the kids its the tv :-)!Aqaht3Inc8RwhZwUoNpX9EIJqA8j8w


Samsung do not want to know full stop 

so samsung have confirmed to the repair center that there is no fix i have this also documented today when they returned the clock 

i also managed to contact the retailer even tho they have stopped trading (co-op electrical) and they have been helpful so far

after a call and a few emails back and forth samsung have told the retailer its fixed as they have had the panel replaced even tho they confirmed with the repair center yesterday its not fixable 

and again asking for video footage to prove this so Samsung seem to be trying their best to wiggle out of it 

so i have sent videos to the retailer and also sent them the engineer report also stating samsung have advised them its not fixable at present so like to see what samsung have to say about that i am yet to here back from the retailer but due to bank holiday will be next week now i hope 


dont get me wrong i think the TV is great for the price and gaming on the xbox one x is brilliant but the clicking drives you mad and even with it running over an amp its still noticeable unless i have it no a volume that will upset the next door  


one thing that worries me is this electrical? as would like to wake up the next morning without the smoke alarms kicking off telling me my samsung has decided to burn my house down 


seeing as samsung are not standing up lets see if we can get more attention so i have created a facebook owners of clicking samsung tvs page 


please join and upload your vidoes and info you can


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Wow that is loud I had no idea it could be as bad as that but indeed it would not stand for that so keep on fighting pal

the worst part is it got louder after the panel swap that so say would fix it 

they have till Friday to give me answears or i will take it up with my credit card company as i belive they will fight my battle as well 

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Yeah the panel swap does sound like it was for the worse indeed and yes I'd chase up with the credit card company and get your money back indeed pal

Makes me feel a lot happier that I seemed to have got a good panel at least but that click is now more like a banging yours and that is simply not acceptable at all
Same here with my Q7FN 75" TV in Switzerland. Just as loud as yours is and won't go away. TV went in for second repair yesterday as they insist on getting a "repair" done at least twice before even considering giving me my money back. Retailer also told me I have to deal with Samsung before they can refund me. In my case the entire panel and also the back panel were replaced. It came back with an absolutely unusable panel full of clouding and dead pixels. And to top it off; the clicking is even more prominent than before! SO frustrating. And to call this loud cracking noise "normal" is really a slap in the face from Samsung to its paying customers. I have had Samsung TV's for years - this is just absolutely unacceptable!
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