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Samsung MU8000 issues


Hi Guys,


Im having some series issues with my Samsung8 MU8000 (i think, anyway). I am aware the dirty pictcutre effect and verticle banding happens.


Although the banding was pretty bad the other month i had to get a service repair and they replaced the screen.


Although, the issue seems to be worse, can i ask for someone to see the attachments and let me know if you think i have a case to push with?


I have pushed this already but Samsung support have said they cant see an issue, i beleive there is one.


Image 1 - Look where the "e" in see is, theres a big thick darker strip that runs the length of the TV.


Image 2 - Similar strip same place.


One image was from the Xbox one and the other the YouTube built in app.




MarkSamsung 1.jpgSamsung 2.jpeg

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @MrTugBoat87.


Could you try a Picture Test for us please? Go to Home > Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Start Picture Test. Can you still see the dark banding?


Hi Chris,


This was already tried and also tried restroing to factory settings.


The Image test does not show the same colours as per the screens i sent so it wont be visable. The brighter the screens the less visable it is. Only greys seem to show this off and i understand you will get some " dirty Image" but this is bad, as per the photos.







I would suggest calling our Customer Services to arrange an engineer's inspection. Please call them and let us know how you get on: 


0330 SAMSUNG (726 7864)

Monday to Sunday | 8am to 10pm :robothappy:

New Member

Man im sure glad i found this. I bought the 75 inch version mu8000 last week paid 2k for it im having the exact same issue as you i also have a horizontal band in the top left hand corner its really starting to bug me!





Hi dude,


im still awaiting to hear back. Went through Samsung HQ. 


Post a photo and let let me know how yours looks.



New Member

Were you ever able to get an answer from Samsung on this?  I'm having a similar issue and it has me concerned.  I will post pictures later today.

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