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Q90R TV and Q90R soundbar not working correctly with ARC


I have the TV and soundbar of the same name - Q90R. Presumably they are designed to work together...


If if I connect my 2 HDMI sources to the soundbar and use the HDMI ARC to connect to the TV, everything works fine except that my TV remote will switch the TV and soundbar off. However, if I switch the TV on with the TV remote, the soundbar does not switch on. Why would it switch off but not on?  This is how you are advised to set it up in the manual. 


Everything is enabled on Anynet+ CEC and the universal remotes also set up. Volume controls also work from TV remote. Just not switching on both devices together.  I also sometimes have to switch the source off/on to have it recognised.  The only way to switch on the soundbar is with its own remote. 


Interestingly, if I move my 2 HDMI sources to connect to the TV and not the soundbar, the TV remote will switch both devices on AND off and works perfectly in this regard. However, then I get unreaolveable lip sync issues and don’t even get me started on that!


Any ideas (or fixes - Samsung) gratefully received. 


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I have the exact same behaviour as you on my Q85R and Q90R setup. It seems to me that it is a TV software problem likd he don't remembers the soundbar as it's default speakers. When I switch on my TV, I can toggle to quick settings and change the speakers from TV to the soundbar. The soundbar switches on and works like it should. This tells me, that there is no problem with communication between the devices.  It also switches off when I switch off my TV but not back on, except if I switched the TV off while I used for example my Nvidia Shield which is connected to HDMI1 of my Soundbar. Then the Soundbar as well as the Shield wake up with the TV. If I switched off from let's say the internal Netflix app, the soundbar stays off till I change the settings in the quicksettings menu of the TV. Very annoying for a setup that expensive...


I downloaded and installed an update via USB today. It doesn’t show on the TV updates but is on the UK website. I haven’t tried it too much yet but seems to potentially improve some lip sync issues. Possible ARC etc is worse however with some very irratic behavoiur. 


Will update more once I’ve tested a bit more. 

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I've seen the update but didn't found time to install it. There is also an update to 1008 for the Soundbar on the US site. I installed it but didn't really improve much except of some connection issues I had with my rear speekers.

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