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One Connect Box issues

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Just got done talking with Samsung Support to fix a Qled 6 for having Intermittent issues. We only the tv for a little more than a year. The tech walked me through the troubleshooting steps. The same troubleshooting steps that I’ve found on other online threads that deals with this issue:

-Turn on/ turn off

-Make tv software is up to date

-And then do complete reset. 

After all that. The issue persisted. And the tech automatically says that I will need to replace the One Connect box and the invisible cable wire!

To which I asked if this is a known issue with the Qled and the One Connect box?

Tech replies that this is “not” a known issue to them!

Of course I called “Bull*****”!

Really?  Not a known issue? But the remedy that you automatically prescribed to me is to get a new one connect box!

You didn’t tell me that it could be a display issue. Or any other issue. You just gave me one recommendation. And that is to get a new One Connect Box. But yet, it’s not a known issue to you?!

If its not a known issue to you then Samsung must be trying real hard to play deaf and dumb. Because the moment I google one connect issues. There multiple threads listing troubleshooting advices for it!!

And the kicker?  The new One Connect box will cost you $500!!  

Might as well by myself a brand new tv!!


Hi @DDinh 


Could you give us a little more info on the intermittent issues you are having with the TV please?

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