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New QE55Q9F with edge bleed

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I have bought a week ago a new QE55Q9F television. It is a nice television and the one connect box is very nice.

But when i look at the edge of my screen on the left and right i see a small stripe of a light. Is this normal for a television with this price and quality?


Thanks for any answer.


Adding an other picture.


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Hi @Mike1233.


We're unable to view the links you've supplied. Could you resend in a different format?

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Thanks for notising.

Is there something wrong with the jpg or with the link?

As jpg, other link.


I'm getting that it is "normal" or in an "acceptable" range for Samsing QC. It is worse on greys and reds I find. Turning down the backlight on this should help but it is a workaround rather than a fix. 


Not sure what can be done about it. If you are in an unacceptable range Samsung can replace it but you may find it's worse on a replacement like I did... it can sometimes be better just to live with it. 


Or go with another manufacturer, because Samsung have been really unhelpful with my issues with the TV. 

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Thanks for answering. I bought this tv new and is 1,5 weeks old now. When i buy a tv i want a good working tv . I have reported this to the shop and they wil call me in a few days, I have also emaild a repairshop for Samsung tv's and they say that it is a problem wiith the tv.
I let now overhere what has happend with this problem.
Looks like you got lucky with the response. Ive had two like this. Wont be buying Samsung again! Hope it is better on your replacement.
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Today they have brought another tv. The new one works just fine. The image quality is better than the one that is replaced.

So i am a happy man.


ChrisM Moderator

Great to hear, @Mike1233! Thanks for letting us know.

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