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Lip sync on Q90R with 5.1 input


I -- and judging from posts in various fora on the web, a lot of other customers -- experience lip sync issues with 5.1 surround sound input on the Q90R (firmware v1066).


Specifically, I experience this on TV channels that are broadcast with 5.1 sound, but not on TV channels that are broadcast with only stereo sound.


This means that I can watch a show on one TV channel with the (stereo) sound and picture in perfect sync, and then simply change channel to another TV channel to experience a mismatch between the (surround) sound and picture. Switching back to the first TV channel, the (stereo) sound and picture is again in perfect sync. So lame


The lip sync issues are present using the Q90R built-in speakers as well as with a Sonos Amp -- however, again, only with 5.1 TV channels, which also means that I cannot use the options for adding a general delay on the sound/picture as that, while perhaps fixing the 5.1 TV channels, will simply shift the issue to the stereo TV channels.


@Samsung: Needless to say, having such issues on a flagship model is really bad.. What are the plans for fixing this (expectedly, through a firmware update to get the TV to process 5.1 sound input properly)?

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Are you sure you are on 1066?  I've been checking for updates (manually) as well as have my Q90R set to auto updates and still only have 1065.  I just checked now and it's not updating.  I have the same issues with lip sync.  I had the retailer out yesterday.  We spent over an hour on it and couldn't resolve it.  I have a Sonos Playbar but we also tried a Beam over HDMI ARC.  Neither worked really and better.


I don't believe it to be an issue with Sonos but lots of the reports seem to be due to Samsung TVs and a Sonos device.  As this sometimes occurs with the TV speakers too, then I don't think it is the sound bar.


They certainly need to have the video behind the sound, rather than ahead, so you an apply the delay and also have different delays for each input.


Presumably Samsung aren't reading these comments!  Samsung???

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Tag me as frustrated.


I just got my 82” Q90 last week, I’m using a Samsung HW-Q60R soundbar, huge lip sync issues with the cable box even using the tv built in speakers as stated above.


Firmware is 1065, no update available. My cable box is an Arris DCX3510 Cable DVR. I’m using HDMI ARC, I even tried multiple cables, nothing worked.


My 2 year old 55” Samsung synced perfectly.


I changed every audio setting in the cable box (I thought) and on the tv. Setting Game mode on the HDMI port connected to the cable box seemed to help but not resolve the issue. There are advanced game mode settings, but changing them didn’t seem to make a difference either.


I researched the DCX3510 and found a lower level audio and video menu that was available when it was in the standby mode. Simply power off the cable box, (putting it in standby) then press menu and navigate to advanced HDMI settings. I selected L-PCM mode and set the lip sync to auto. On the main setup menu (the one available when the box is powered on) I selected stereo.


That ‘so far’ seems to have worked. If you have an Arris cable box it may work for you.



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I’m not familiar with Arris. Is this a UK system? The problem with PCM is that it is only basic stereo and not 5.1 for example. I also find that PCM works fine but 5.1 does not. 

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I believe Arris is US based, our provider is Charter.


I think 5.1 can be supported by L-PCM if you are using an HDMI cable for the audio which I am.


On the cable box the lower level HDMI the audio options are: pass-through, auto, or L-PCM.


Neither pass-through nor auto syncs correctly.


After changing to L-PCM the main setup menu offers:

Audio output options: TV speakers, stereo, and advanced.

Compression levels: none, light, and heavy.

Stereo output: Mono, stereo, and matrix.


I have now selected advanced, heavy, and matrix and the lip sync is acceptable.


The matrix option I believe passes multiple audio channels, thus DD.

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My TV software just updated for the first time since initial installation. Now on 1303. Early days, but I’d say the lip sync on Dolby Digital is improved. 


Interesting, as Samsung sent out a representative yesterday and today I was informed there are no known issues with lip sync!  So maybe they secretly improved the problem!


Has anyone else seen an improvement?


Yes, I experience the same after having upgraded to v.1303 -- i.e., definitely still lip sync issues with Dolby Digital (5.1) input, but some improvement over v.1066.

Consequently, I still have to go with stereo input only.


Im having same Lip sync issues connected to my Yamaha 5.1 system.

What is this seriously Samsung? I payed $4500au for this so called top of the line LED and it has lip sync issues when using Surround sound with Q90R in 5.1 it not even fixable right now.


Is there a ETA on a firmware fix for this? So bad. im almost ready to get a refund right now?

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Via a local repair company that came out to look at the issue at the request/cost of Samsung Support I received the following statement “Re our conversation earlier, Samsung have advised that they currently have no known issues with sound delay for your model of TV.”. The firmware did update last week on the same day that they made this statement. However, whilst I think the problem is not as bad, it still exists. 


So I wouldn’t expect a fix any time soon, if ever. 

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