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Invalid Mac address


Sorry to say. No joy found.  I reset the sons server to 8s , after the search it fails. In the info box it shows all 0s. Also the remote is acting up now. Any help will be appreciated




No joy. Remote is acting up now as well.


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@svache: Glad to know it seems to have sorted itself out - however mysteriously. :robothappy:


@Binghamton: In Support > Contact Samsung, if the MAC address has a value, then you'd need to get in touch with your Internet Service Provider for further assistance. If it's blank though, then it's likely the TV will need to have its Wi-Fi module looked at by an engineer.


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@AntS: Hopefully it stays this way, the remote was acting up again last night... odd.

@Binghamton: Also, i have read on other forums (not on that this issue with a MAC address being all zeroes, could possibly be solved by entering the "secret menu" (probably a developer menu of some sort), by doing some key combination (which sadly isn't possible with the smart remotes, you need an older remote for it with buttons like menu, info and such), and change the wifi region to A. It may be worth taking a look into that if you have a remote like that (I don't think Samsung would like me to link to these forums, but a Google search can easily bring you there with some of the words I mentioned in this post ). 


@byronbear. on ‎23-02-2017 03:32 PM. I'm experiencing the same problem, but this response is written in such poor English, that I can't understand what the resolution actually is. Can someone translate this or provide another resolution to this problem?

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@Edqp: what exactly do you feel was written in poor English?

My reply was for @byronbear. on ‎23-02-2017 03:32 PM. But it appears that connection doesn't exist. The grammar is so jumbled, I can only understand the update portion.

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@Edqp: I see, my bad, I figured it was in response to the more recent replies. What I get from @Byronbear's 'solution' (if you can call it as much), is that he was looking for the software version on his TV (in the settings), and that his MAC address came back on it's own.


Hi everyone. 

I've never got a satisfactory answer as to why our TV's loose their Mac address. It does seem to be 

an intermittent fault. What I've found is that if I unplug the TV from the mains for a minute, then 

plug it back in and turn on the TV hay presto it regains the Mac Address. This is a pain in the butt 

however it does seem to work every time. Maybe one day someone from Samsung will enlighten 

us as to why this problem exists and what the permanent fix is!!!!!


my tv has been doing this for some time now. invalid mac adress/ wont search for wifi... i have done all router settings possible, also have done factory and svc resets (SVC reset was working for a little bit but now no longer will). unplugging  either tv or router now has no effect. seems my wireless module/adapter has completely quit. contacting samnsung was of no use as they keep turning to the router side of problems. i personally think there is no fix for this. gonna be a warranty and replacment i think.

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