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How do i delete or block bloatware apps on smart tv ?


The only honest reply I've had was from the actual samsung rep I met in pcworld who told me that which I've posted above.  They honestly don't care as these app deals and apps that reinstall every update and ate greyed out etc generate millions of pounds and once customers own the tvs they usually don't care or are unable to do anything about it and it's too late by then.  And the high street shops won't support you as it's not technically a fault...because it's actually a scam.


Beyond that the actual issues with update making it all unusable is just down to them supporting only the latest model or simply being incompetent as seen with so many big tech companies and again just not caring as their focus is on monitoring and selling our data or making deals to install spam in our lives.


Sadly we've seen this happen on our pc..console...phones...And now our tvs.   


Samsung ate sneaky.  By disabling my Bluetooth I'm force to use wifi...If I use wifi it can update and reset itself.  As i need Wi-Fi for the smart tv streaming the tv quietly undoes my choices when I'm distracted haha 


Its like an evil ai! I don't have a cortana or a siri or any ai but I do have an evil samsung smart tv!!!

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More importantly how and when can we get some more decent apps added. The browser that smart hub uses is outdated and we should be able to see Chrome and Firefox support by now. Not to mention a million of other apps that people would actually use instead of the junk that exists now  


I was sad to find out my new tv has bloatware that i don't use, and i can't remove.


I don't use facebook because of their IP activities monitoring...But Samsung forced their app on my tv :(


I stoped using samsung phones because of the bloatware in them.


My workaround for this TV will be to cut off the internet connection to the TV, and buy a smart box that i can somewhat control my privacy in.


It's a shame because i really like the interface, remote, smarthings connectivity, and performance of the tv, which i paid for, but it's being used by data hunters. So thanks for nothing Samsung.

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Yup mostly because of the lack of all Google apps and any useful Samsung I am really debating on moving away from Samsung for my next TV. Sony is based on the Android platform so I am hoping they have a better selection. 

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I  don't buy the statement that "some apps are an integral part of the Samsung system and cannot be deleted." How is Direct TV Now Beta or Google Play Movies and TV and intgral part ? I would prefer You just be honest and say Samsung won't let us delete them because it's  a way for Samsung to earn some extra money from those companies by guaranteeing their apps stay on the TV that, by the way I paid a couple of thousand for and can't even control what apps are installed. Smh

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Exactly Roddv,


Like you, and many others, I am severely pissed off that Samsung want to control MY tv!! I paid for it, and there was no agreement for me to have to put up with ***** that Samsung want to have on there. There are many apps I don't want on there but cannot delete. I've written to Samsung but they don't even have the courtesy to reply. They just don't care about their customers, only the revenue they can make from us whether we like it or not.


I think I'll delve a little further to see what our rights are here. I want this garbage off my TV!!


I agree, I feel annoyed even to have to look at their *****ty product on my living room. A trully disgusting company that will never again see a cent of my money!!!

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They are not integral, sounds like something a Samsung Public Affairs spokes person would say. All these apps are in in folders, its as simple as deleting them; my take is Samsung got paid by the companies via contract to keep their apps permanently in the firmware. Theres your integral...

While watching tv my tv just goes to TV + 

this is so annoying ..... I've tried removing and it shows back up!!!!!!!!

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