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Fluctuating Sound after firmware 1251 Update

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So 1251 finally fixed the black screen in startup on my 49" NU8000. The TV has obviously been significantly more enjoyable now that it always powers on properly.


The issue I've noticed that seems to be new due to the update is the sound will get very quiet and almost crackle when I am playing a game on the Nintendo Switch via HDMI. The volume will come back up after a while and continue to fluctuate during play. I have tested another cable and reset audio settings to no avail, but this definitely started immediately after firmware 1251. Has anyone else had this issue? It is pretty significant and I am especially suspicious it is the update bc the power on issue it fixed also had to do with Game mode, and the sound issue I am experiencing now occurs in game mode. Hope Samsung will test to see if they can reproduce this issue to resolve in a future update.

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Any ideas? It's still happening. Sound dropouts are significant when playing Switch. It is not the cable. This definitely started after the latest firmware update. Is anyone experience new HDMI audio dropouts? Or has anyone fixed their existing audio issues?

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