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Changing location in ambient mode?

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I've been wanting to use the weather information option in ambient mode. However, I cannot seem to find out where I can set my location. It is currently showing as London, which is several hundred miles away from me.


Does anyone know where I can sort this out?

TracyR Moderator

Hey @Davinho


Is your TV signed into your Samsung account?

Do you have an address/location set on your personal details?


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@TracyR wrote:

Hey @Davinho


Is your TV signed into your Samsung account?

Do you have an address/location set on your personal details?


Hi there,


Yes, I'm signed into my Samsung account and my home address is set on there.

I'm having the same problem.
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Same here... I noticed it just shows different cities from the country

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I updated to the latest firmware 12*** and am also having this issue.

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I purchased my TV in the past week. 65 Q9F.

Ambient mode has numerous issues for me, the weather section only mainly shows London, but today it started cycling through all sorts of cities, never showing my current city (Manchester)

Even though I used the SmartThings app and set my current location, have location settings enabled - still no dice.

Very annoyed as this was a big selling point for me in the shop by the Samsung Rep.

Also there used to be an option in ambient mode - board - I tried numerous times to create my own 8 picture board but it would never display on the TV.

I spent over an hour on the phone to Samsung this morning who advised me to factory reset my TV. Upon doing so, the ‘board’ option has now disappeared from my TV... great!


I’d expect this from a budget TV, not a flagship model!


Samsung have advised me they need to investigate and will call me back in the near future....


I just purchased my 55" q6fn, the ambient weather is showing the wrong cities.

It will show Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.  All eatern timezone.
I live in Fort McMurray Alberta, Moutain Timezone, about 3000km away from the nearest Eatern timezone city.


This is by far the dumbest feature I ever encountered. Let's have a weather mode without having a location setting.

This and the non working smart view (since 2017) are all small reasons leading to custom insastisfaction.



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Same issue here and I have a doubt, why the samsung system doesnt get the city using Geolocation IP?

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