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Cannot turn off my Q7F with remote control

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I have a Q7F 55" . Everything works perfect, except that I can't turn it off with remote control! I have to turn off the TV by the physical button under the Samsing logo.

I have tried these all:

* Changed the batteries

* Reset the TV

* Updated the TV firmware

* Reset and re-paired the remote


I also have a Samsung soundbar, and to make sure there is no interference, I disconnected and turned off the soundbar and its remote control.

I tested the remote control with another Q7F and it can turn it off!

Is there anything else I should do to make sure the TV (or its control box) is defective?


Thank you

CarlH Moderator

Hi @mehdi6. If the remote is working with the other features on your TV, it could be the IR that's the issue. Do you have a spare/ standard remote that came ith your TV that you could try out?

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Unfortunately not. Based on what I've tried so far, it seems there's a problem with the black control box. Can you think of anything else?

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