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Camera on Smart TV

New Member

Skype is nolonger available on my Samsung 55" 8500 smart TV - as Smasung/Skype agreement has ended. (Soooo disappointing....)


What else do you use the TV camera for now?

(Hand signalling function is not something I like)


AntS Moderator

Hi @AshRug.


Just a quick one to say that Skype decided to stop offering their service on all Smart TVs, but the app's still available on all our tablets and smartphones. :smileyhappy:


Also, the camera can be used for Motion Control (if supported by your model of TV); and if you’re looking for other uses for it, we recommend searching the app store for any apps that may be able to work with it. Some other peeps in the Community hopefully may be able to point you in the direction of any they've come across. :smileyhappy:


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