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TV, Audio & Video FAQs

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Hi all! :smileyhappy:


Here's some links to guides on the Samsung UK website covering some TV FAQs:


HD models

FHD models

UHD models

SUHD models

QLED models


TV/PC Monitors


There's also these on our US website:



Blu-ray & DVD Players

Wireless Speakers


(Bear in mind that there may be some differences between the regions; and for stuff like firmware/software you'd need to check your specific model's product page on the UK site if it's a UK model.)


I'd love to add to these, so definitely appreciate any feedback from you guys. Let me know if any of them are inaccurate or outdated for you; any info that can be added; or if you’ve got any suggestions for new FAQs. :smileyhappy:


Also, you'll be able to find the UK's overall product Support page here.


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