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Error with 1420 OTA software update. (Previous SAMSUNG attemp to fix the 1409 bug)

(Topic created on: 16-04-2024 03:42 AM)


yesterday my RU7100 updated from the buggy 1409 (this firmware introduced the subtitle bug) to a new version, the 1420 one. 
Well, this firmware fixed the subtitle bug BUT.... started a new one that is even more annoying. There's an ugly audio delay when outputing through S/PDIF. Before this update I got a perfect sync setting a 120ms delay from expert settings, but now it changes between netflix, prime video, max, youtube, etc. Some of those apps need to be set at 180ms for almost-perfect sync, and others apps needs to be set at 220ms. 

For example if I see a chapter from a series/movie in netflix and set the latency to 180ms from tv settings, and then open prime video, the audio is out of sync, then I have to enter settings again and set it to 220ms.

There's a weird behaviour to this too. Lets suppose I turn on the tv, and open netflix (with the original settings of 120ms from before this 1420 firmware), the audio will be out of sync, BUT if I press menu, go to the gear icon, press up, go to "tv speaker", press there to swap between "optical" and then back to "tv speaker", this bug AUTOCORRECTS somehow.... this, until I open a new video (without exiting the netflix app in this example.). This happens anywhere, using netflix, prime, max, hdmi, youtube, etc. Someone else experienced this? 

My TV model is a RU7100