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Smartview nolonger works (again)

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Superuser I

@Endlessproblems wrote:
Maybe they should pay you haha as you're doing their job for them !

Lol,whilst myself and other volunteers provide assistance the Moderators(from Samsung) do provide valuable support.  Volunteers can be more independent though.


Hi team, 


After update the software my s7edge Smarties stopped working. Even after I've updated system software update from Samsung customer care centre it's not working, Please fix this.

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I've been having the same problem on my note 8, after 5-10 mins of screen mirroring to my tv through smart view the video stops and cuts out due to screen lock I'm presuming. I've got a quick fix to solve this problem!!!!! I recently realised that when using google maps instead of my car satnav (better traffic updates) my screen never auto locks.... so, start up Google maps, enter any destination and start the navigation, then press home screen (which automatically minimises your Gmaps to a small floating map), then screen mirror your media through smart view to your TV the way you normally would but this time leave the small floating Gmaps screen open. This way your screen never locks whist screen mirroring thus fixing the issue of the media cutting out. Your welcome 😁👍

The longer i have my s7 the worse this issue becomes . It's almost as if they're updating it to fail so I'll buy an Apple did that with my iPads.
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