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Revert the One UI !

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Just made the mistake of updating. 
Does anybody know if there will ever be an update that will bring back the preivous UI, or a revert button?

I really need to revert this absolute abomination of UI !

I'm willing to pay for it!
Please help !

AndrewL Moderator
@Mike_CC: Please can you confirm the model number and current Android version of your device? Sadly it isn't possible to revert back to a previous software version following an update, however if you're having any specific issues then please let me know.
Superuser I
Superuser I
Luckily android is an open platform that allows a lot of freedom which allows you to install a custom theme and/or launcher if you like

It might not be exactly how you wish it but if done well it might be more to your liking

That said, samsung is as far I'm aware always looking for constructive feedback regarding their product, can you tell us what parts of the new UI you don't like?
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