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My Pattern Lock is not working anymore!


I have the same problem right now also, it is not recognising the pattern lock I am using even though I know it is the right one. tried unlocking through samsung account but it is saying remote unlock is off. How did you restart as it is saying that my I need pattern lock to restart also??? Am desperate as don't want to reset factory settings :(


Unfortunately, I believe the only thing you can do now is to reset the factory settings. :/

Maybe you did not activate this option on your samsung account, has it has separate permission that you may or not grant! :(
I didn't need pattern to reset ,you can try power off/on instead of reset.
Also reset to factory settings shouldn't delete your personal data just the settings .
Also after I reset my mobile I received software update I think related to this bug
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I've experienced this since yesterday.  My pattern isn't working anymore when it's the only pattern I used eversince I got this phone (note 8).

Good thing iris detection is still working so I can still open my phone. However, I can't restart it as it will ask for pattern which is not working now. 

How can I resolve this? Why is this happening?


It just happened to me again.... exactly same situation, I had to use again the Find My Samsung to unlock&remove security, and then already unlocked, reboot it so I can set again new protections.

Arghh.... why would this happen?


It happens because of the new logic behind the pattern most probably. I believe the issue is that your password overlaps at some point - previously, the same dot was recorded several times - with the update, one dot is recorded only one time.

Meaning, when you have set your password with an overlapping dot, after the update, your template password becomes incorrect as it is not possible to overlap the dot again.


I would suggest using a pin or password instead of a template, at least for now.

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So my issue today - loaded a pattern pin onto the phone to starting using that as my thumb print was annoying me.  The pattern loaded fine.  But now you simply cant join the dots.  If you try to complete the pattern it simply jumps to another dot as if you havent selected the first dot in the pattern sequence, registering it as an incomplete pattern.  I reset the phone believing software was bugged and now im completely locked out of the phone entirely.  I cant remote back up.  I cant remote unlock, I cant even remote erase data!  I cant even get into recovery mode via volume up + Bixby button.  Phone has entirely become unusable.

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Hi! I have the same issue on my Galaxy note 8 but here, unfortunately, Remote Unlock is Off. I still can unlock it by figerprint but a cannot turn Remote Unlock On without the correct pattern. My phone also has the lock on the Initialization. Can you help me?

I believe you should be able to do a factory reset through the Find my phone - this was the only way I was able to access my phone. I was lucky that I kept most of my information in the cloud, though I believe not everyone will be so lucky.
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