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Could you Pls add back Smart switch PC device initialization Samsung

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Samsung Pls add back device initilzation. At least don't block IT completely do you really think people go through the hassle of setting up an older version. I need it because something I did to my old s7 restores it old software I can't use Odin because of the Phone does not allow me to activate OEM unlock when I press enable, it deactivates right after that, that is why I need pls add it back




Sorry but I do not understand you correctly. You will not be able to unlock your phone with Odin or restore an old S7 system in it. It not possible, between causes kernel error.


If you need to unblock a phone for free you will need to speak with your provide, unlock for free use.


About restore, if I remember OK a recovery is a zip file with files inside, you can test a file if it is there.


If the answer is for different proposal, please try to explain better, but here in Official Site you will not have support about Odin u other non official method, I can tell you in advance 


Good night

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