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The Introduce Yourself Thread

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Hey everyone!


Not new to Android, but to Samsung and boy do I love my shiny new Note 9!


I'm a dual-booter on my Mac and also still carry an iPhone in my other pocket. Some things cannot be replaced, at least not for now.


Regardless, here I am.

Art History college student from Germany, technophile, gamer and arguably a weeb as well. :p

Hi I'm new. I need help with an error message. I have a galaxy S7edge... I love supernatural, Ghost Adventures. I'm a country gal. Only child. I have 2 grown kids. My girl is 18 and in college. She's a scholarman. Honor society. I'm proud. My son, 21. Yep love my son. He's into games. I had an appolossa horse, Thunder, for 25 yrs. My dad was track champion in 6-cylender. Dirt track. I hot-lapped for him . I raced in powder puff. I was #12 out of 12. Came in 3rd. In the newspaper. Dad told me not to hurt his car he still had the feature to run. Lol no pressure. It was orange and silver, Camero body. 80 on the side. Yr I graduated. It was half manual. Had a lever I used . Mike had to put a 4inch block on accelerator pedal and shoved a bunch off foam behind my back. I'm 5 foot 6. Dad was 6 foot 2. Lol I'm good with all guns, but archery was a surprise. I have a recurve bow. Nickname is Cochese. Lol I'm one of the best. Thank goodness. 1st girl in family, dad's, mom's is in Tennessee. Dad, played music. With Billy Parsons. He was known back in the day. Moms 1st cuz. That's how my parents met. Dad, supervisor by day, musician, singer on weekends. Well I'm an only child, a girl, my dad's the oldest outta 3 brothers. God blessed me. I was all scoioto valley conference, the best player in basketball and volleyball. Got to play 2nd string men's Olympic volleyball team. I can sing. All animals, dogs and horses mainly. Love me. I couldn't go to a bar on a weeknight, just to chill, I always ended up being Dr. Diehl. Lol girl got rthymn. Thank God. Lol I was pretty.oh I'm 56 now. I'm also distantly related to Elvis Presley, yes that Elvis. Moms side. I love Dean Koonz, Steven king, Heather Graham. Playing video games. Ok time to publish. Lol I have empty nest syndrome. Be kind, take pity . I love humor. Ok I'm done. Got it off my chest.
Sorry, error when i try to buy samsung theme. Samsung billing just updated. Its 1.93. New. Werewolf. Can't buy it. Help.
CarlH Moderator

HI @Lonewolf777, and welcome to the community! As you're based in the US and the error is related to a purchase, it may be best to get in touch with Samsung in your region. This link will provide you with the contact details. Hope you get it sorted!


The name is Cesa people call me CES for short. Born and raised in the bronx NYC moved to London been here 9 years. I am a private chef, private dance FITNESS Instructor and a photo/videographer. I use these three avenues to find balance in life. Been and will be a Samsung supporter. Currently rocking the S9 note. Anyone have a link for that One UI???

Hi Ants
I love Samsung, I have move one of the earliest hand set, to an S4 to a Samgung LTE. I adore inventions and new innovations. I love easy listening music from an eclectic range because I find they help focus my mind on the task that I am doing. I Love creativity,because you can dream imagine,create and be as unique as you want and make your own stamp on the world. Reading, I have to say was my first love, from comics to, science fiction, to historical, through to personal development. Having had to read some of the heavy academic tomes quite quickly for studying, has put a damper on my use to be enjoyment of leisurely reading (lol).
I have changed my theme from the original but find that I ways come back to the original for a sharper looking screen.
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Hey I'm Sam. Live in uk got 5 munchkins. Love readg
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Hi to all our new posters and welcome to the Samsung Community!




United Kingdom. Cornwall.

Geneteic Engineer

Blue Square Tomaotes for Anti Cancecerous Lycopene.

Blue Corn for Blue Wiskey

Blue Potatoes for Blue Vodka

Amongst other things. 


20140920_113342957_iOS.jpgPhenotype 20





ChrisM Moderator

Hi @RSebire.


Welcome on board!

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