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Prior to my latest update I was able to schedual text messages, but since the latest update, messages has changed into a new format.  Now all my previous messages are still there, and still schedualed, but I can't seem to create new ones, and find out where to go to do this.  It seems obvious that this facility is still an option due to old schedualed messages are still there waiting.  I'd appreciate any help on creating new schedualed messages.


Have you thought about using Bixby Routines. It provides options to send messages by date time or location etc

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I've got the same problem, so frustrating! Being able to schedule messages was a great feature that made my life so much easier but since the last major update its vanished!? I thought system updates were supposed to enhance and improve features, not decrease or erase functions!?  Bring back message scheduling!!

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Ah ha, I've found how to schedule text messages!! See imageScreenshot_20190515-055529_Messages.jpg


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Thank you Crom5 for finding the scheduling solution.  

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