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Samsung Pay on international SM-G930FD S7 and using US issued credit cards




I live in Singapore and have SM-G930FD S7  with baseband version G930FXXS5ESF3. It is updated and running latest 8.0/9.0.


However Samsung Pay allows only Singapore issued credit cards to be added there. But I have two credit cards from US which I would like to use.


Search on XDA developers says that I need firmware from the region where cards are issued. But how can I do this, considering that G930FD  is international version with  Exynos, while US S7s are running Snapdragon?


Plus, I do not have US SIM card and don't want after flashing firmware to have phone with restricted funcionality (region/carrir locking, etc). I just want to be able to use my US cards on this phone.


Any simple solution to this problem?



After spending several hours researching, reading and downloading stuff, I decided this time to do full factory reset. After wiping up the phone, I connected only to my wifi, did not put any SIM card inside. Then, when in the process to setup the phone, by connecting to my google and Samsung accounts which have US as location. During setup I put US English and PST as regional/time settings. After downloading and installing Samsung Pay, I didn't allow it to access GPS/location.

Well, after all above, I was able to enter my US issued credit cards at Samsung Pay and activate them.
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But may be it will be enough to change the csc code on the smartphone ? Or ?
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Actually my watch and phone are asking "confirm your card"

@myrinh wrote:
But may be it will be enough to change the csc code on the smartphone ? Or ?

It does't allow to change CSC without SIM card and with Singapore SIM when dialing *#272*IMEI# I was getting error message.


Confirmation to starting working out of the box depends on the bank which issued the card. I have a card from one bank which requires to call them and after going thru several KYC process they will activate the digital token on thier side. With most other banks it requires just to enter confirmation digits which are sent via email or SMS and ther is one more bank which requires to enter digits displayed by their own authenticator.

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