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Call recording app on Samsung galaxy A50 not working only records my voice and the other side very low please I need a good app

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Hello everyone I'm new to this forum anyone help me regarding my situation I have a Samsung galaxy A50 very nice one  issue is I used to have ACR call recording app it was working on my Samsung galaxy S7 edge now I have  upgraded to Samsung galaxy A50 the app doesn't work anymore it only records my voice not the other person I tried to give permission of try to give all the commands to the microphone all the commands and permission has been granted nothing works does anybody have the same problem as I have or if anyone knows how to fix this I'll be grateful please help me as it is very important for me.


Thank you 


The problem's not with your Samsung, it's with Android - the OS stopped supporting call recording in a recent release and AFAIK there's no plans to brnig it back..


When it was working, I tried quite a few and found ACR to be the best app for call recording. Depending on your Android version this may or may not still work.

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Thank you so much for your lovely reply very grateful the version of Samsung I'm using is Android 9. I was checking around and I found out that Samsung galaxy A50 comes with a call recorder on YouTube built-in by Samsung itself if there's any option Samsung could do this for the customers it would be really nice and kind and again I am grateful to your reply why I will still not give up I'll wait for other members to see if they have any other solutions thank you so much.


That's interesting, I didn't know there was an inbuilt call recorder. Please post if you find out how to use it! I'm on Android 10 now so will check on this version also.

Actually, just found this:

Thanks for the tip! Very useful!
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Thank you again for your supportive reply yes that option is available on certain phones I tried to check online YouTube Google everywhere it seems to be only certain devices got that option where my one doesn't have the Samsung galaxy A50 I am certain there should be a way for recording even though the software is not compatible there must be a solution I will still keep searching myself and look around and I would love other members of this community will help us it would be so nice thank you again for your reply very grateful.

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