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Bixby Routines problem


I got my new S10 last week and I'm using Bixby routines to start my Radio app triggered by the Bluetooth in my car. 

The problem is that when the phone is sleeping and its triggered by the Bluetooth, the bixby routine starts but the app doesn't play. The app seems to start up but it hangs and I have to force quit it. I've tried a couple of different radio apps and the same thing happens. Its set up using the 'open app' option but I've also tried the 'play music' option. I've even tried using both together. It seems to work ok when I activate things when the phone is awake. Also it seems to work ok if I've manually run the radio app, closed it then put the phone to sleep. Can anyone help? It's driving me mad. 

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I have this exact issue, I've stopped using Routines altogether due to it frequently hard locking my phone when they kickoff. 

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