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ice maker no longer operates correctly

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I have a Samsung rs261mdwp side-by-side fridge.  Recently, the ice cub tray cracked & needed to be replaced. Seemed like a simple fix so I bought a new one & installed as needed. However, it no longer is producing ice automatically. I can hold down the test button and it will rotate a filled ice tray, dispense, return and then fill with water (to then freeze over time). However, it will no longer go through the full automatic process of making ice. Basically, I have to manually hold the "test" button again. 


Do I possibly need a new ice sensor? If so, what is the part number and where can I find it to order one?



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Hi @mfranch87. :robothappy:


I did a search on that model, and it looks to be a US one. Have you checked out the 'Ice' troubleshooting guide for it on the US Samsung website here?


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Sorry for the delay. I clicked the link and it doesn't appear to be valid as there is no info. However, I did find the manual online for this model here:  Model # rs261mdwp manual


it had a troubleshooting area, but did not mention anything related to my ice cube issue.  I'm still trying to figure out what is going on here. Again, it worked fine before I replaced the ice cube tray. Once fixed, it won't automatically dispense the ice and I have to manually do this by hitting the 'reset/test' button each time.



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